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Friday the 13th of October

through November 1st

(3:33 long)

A Sisterhood Grief & Empowerment Ritual

Recorded LIVE online

$13 entry | 50% donated to Maui Families

Music by Lady Mu | compiled by Shardai

A proper burial of our persecuted           

An awakening of our            power

A reclaiming for our            generations




Alchemize your Witch wound
Shardai Moon

And Ritual Guests

Flora Ware

Katherine Bird

Sedona Swan Soulfire

Lady Mu

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"I wanted to do it not only for me, but for my little girls…

to receive the divine mother’s guidance in such a potent energetic container- it will change you. And it will change everyone around you too."

Rani / Women's Circle Leader


Let go of Ancestral shame

Find safety in the body

Grounding Ritual

  • Through the sacred sound of the drum, come into deeper relationship with your benevolent ancestors

  • Move in rhythm with the heart beat of mother earth and soothe your nervous system

  • Find safety once more in your body


with ritualist

Flora Ware

Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 12.00.00 PM.png


 Release fear of being a social misfit

Return to belonging

Greif Ritual

  • Engage in a grieving practice, to release the collective grief of our past losses of medicine women & their magic

  • Honor generations of witches, mystics, medicine people, and those deemed as social misfits

  • Surrender lifetimes and generations of accumulated emotional weight that holds you back


with ritualist

Katherine Bird


Alchemize fear of persecution

Into Empowerment

Sacred Rage Ritual

  • Through an embodiment practice, alchemize the past woundings of persecution

  • Reclaim the life-giving primal power of your inner shakti fire, and move through sacred rage

  • Heal from past lifetimes or ancestral memories of being burnt at the stake


with ritualist

Sedona Swan Soulfire



 Release fear of speaking your truth

ReSpell your future

Vocal Ritual

  • Engage in an alchemical vocal practice to rewrite your stories, fears, wounds, and contracts around being silenced

  • Somatically release the memory of physical & emotional traumas in your throat chakra

  • Travel back in time through your mother-line, to clear this original wound, and retrieve back your power


with ritualist

Lady Mu


Release fears of going crazy

Honor your intuition

Sacred Sight Ritual

IMG_9451 2.JPG
  • Through open-eyed meditation, re-activate your intuitive Sight and release your fear of going crazy

  • Receive personal guidance from your ancestors beyond the veils

  • Embrace your magic as a Seer, Oracle, or intuitive


with ritualist

& Hostess

Shardai Moon

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Integration Call

Receive a free group sisterhood call with Shardai to help you integrate


Virtual Sisterhood

Bond with other witchy & wise women in our private event group

Church Candles

Access Recording

Receive full & free access to our event recording through Nov 1st!

Sisters, let us Wake!

"The shifts that have taken place within my soul and human, have no real words. The lens I see the world out of has changed considerably, in full trust and awareness of my ability to co-create this reality with my soul team.

amanda / Yin Yoga teacher & Shamanic Apprenctice

Sacred Exchange

Reclaim your inner magic

 ceremony valued at over $55

You can join us for this life-changing ceremony

for just $13

50% goes to Maui families

50% of profits go to support Maui families

image_6487327 (1).JPG

"Shardai does an incredible job at leading you along a journey that is both deeply spiritual and ethereal and so real and practical at the same time.

This has been a turning point for sure!"

Link / Rose Temple sister & Isis Initiation Grad

This is for you if...

  • You can’t step into the fullness of your power or magic, because there’s an unexplainable fear, shame, inadequacy, or guilt that arises every time to hold you back.

  • You are afraid of what will happen if you access your Feminine Power- like maybe you shouldn’t be trusted with it… or maybe it will be taken away from you…

  • You crave the belonging of the coven, the sisterhood, dancing in wild abandon under the full moon… yet you do not know if there are other wyrd women out there quite like you…

  • You have a knowing that you have an important message or mission to share with the world, but it seems to be locked up under layers of self-doubt– like maybe it isn’t that important anyhow… right?

  • You find yourself in relationships where you feel like you have to fight for your voice to be heard, or your opinions validated, and just wish people would see you!

ww IG. main.

"The temple is where I feel my purest; most divine self. It’s why I am here. It illuminates my soul essence....Thank you for reminding me. "

Candice / Rose Temple sister & Isis Initiation Grad

We see you sister
You will walk away...
  • Feeling lighter in places that felt stuck and heavy

  • Feeling deeply nourished and met by a loving sisterhood that gets you

  • With tenderness and infinite love for your spiritual path

  • Knowing your next step for the message and meaning you are here to recreate this lifetime

Don't Miss This!

When you register...

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Bonus Integration Call

You are invited to an integration council call with Shardai, to decompress after our journey together, and deepen with the sisters from our event

Monday, October 16th

10am HST | 1pm PT | 4pm ET  (60 mins)

Friday, October 20th

1pm HST | 3pm PT | 6pm ET (60 mins)

Integration is key to transformation! Join either call.

Our Freedom awaits...
What to expect...

  • Be guided every step of the way to get in touch with your emotions, beliefs, and witch wounds, in a safe container

  • Reconnect with your blood-lines of witches, priestesses and medicine women

  • Participate in the ritual invocation of spirit guides,  ancestors and elements of nature to support our healing

  • Practice emotional release through your body with easy to follow guidance


  • Participate in group song to reactivate the power and freedom of your voice

  • Meditate in stillness as you receive guidance from your ancestors and spiritual guides

  • Participate in a greiving practice, and a sacred rage practice, to shift out of the old stories of persecution

  • Write your new spell of empowerment for the future of your life and all women to come


"I feel more at peace with where I'm at in life and the not knowing of it all, while trusting that my alignment will help me find the next step when I need it"

Jennifer L. / Meditation Teacher

With your Ceremonialist
Shardai Magdalena Rose Moon, RN-BSN
Certified Priestess Temple guide | Initiated Rose & Scent Priestess | Sanctioned PMT Shamanic Teacher | Psych RN | Best-selling Author | Advanced Shamanic Practitioner
Your ancestors are calling...

"Shardai’s transmissions are gentle yet potent, powerful and healing... So many synchronicities have been showing up in my life since journeying with her as the magic transitions from the dream realm to reality."

Ellie C. / Women's Facilitator & Astrologer

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