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ReAwaken your inner priestess
Tend your life as Temple

With Shardai Magdalena Moon

 I am here to guide your highest transformation back to LOVE, sister!

Join the Feminine revolution & step back into your...
Power | Wisdom | Truth
This is for you if you desire to...

  • Live a ceremonial life, where you are vibrantly alive & deeply connected to your purpose

  • Reclaim your place and voice in spirituality, as a Woman

  • Heal wounds from a patriarchal religious or cultural upbringing

  • Access spiritual connection and support in times of deep difficulty & transformation

  • Learn to stay centered and on-purpose in a chaotic world

  • Prioritize your 'soul-care,' and have more accountability with tending to your inner temple

  • Create more abundance and confidence in your priestess leadership

  • More easily receive direct guidance from your higher self & spirit guides

  • Hone your intuitive gifts & voice without fear of persecution

  • Reclaim the way of the Feminine in your life and rediscover your hidden magic

  • Find belonging within a loving sisterhood that 'gets' you for being 'different'


"The temple is where I feel my purest; most divine self. It’s why I am here. It illuminates my soul essence....Thank you for reminding me. "

Candice / Rose Temple sister & Isis Initiation Grad

Flow with the
Feminine cycles...
Receive the rich and abundant soul-care
you are worthy of...



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Waning Moon

Sister Heart


Full Moon

Sound & Light Codes Activation

Full Moon

Moon Cycle

flow in rhythm with the moon

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Waxing Moon


Temple Service




Dark Moon

 Shamanic journey or Yin Practice


Guest Priestess Interviews

Inspirations from elder and expert Priestesses


Earth Cycle High Holy Days

Ritual events to mark the seasons

with the Sophia Dragons


Venus Cycle Astrology

Moonly insights on the transformative path of Venus


FREE pass to masterclasses | Networking Sisterhood

Discounted programs & private sessions

with Your Pantheon of Rose Guides


Hathor | Brigid | Gaia Sophia | Divine Sophia | Isis | Morgan La Fey | Dragon Mothers | Mary Magdalene | Yeshua | Quan Yin | Mother Mary| and more

We welcome you home to the Temple, sister!

"I wanted to do it not only for me, but for my little girls…

to receive the divine mother’s guidance in such a potent energetic container- it will change you. And it will change everyone around you too."

Rani / Women's Circle Leader & Shamanic Apprenctice

You may find that you...
  • Build a relationship with your inner priestess, even if you have never 'met' her before

  • Transform & grow on a soul level at a rapid speed

  • Root into the support of your unique blood & spirit lineages of medicine women

  • Rebuild the foundations of belonging, safety, deep connection, and peace of mind in your daily life

  • Increase your confidence and self-worth without needing to 'fix' yourself

  • Bring your whole being -mind-body-spirit-soul- into alignment with your natural rhythms of Feminine health

  • Re-devote yourself to your sacred path, no matter what your vocation

Sacred Exchange

Our heart-agreement is what keeps a powerful circuit of energy flowing between you and the Temple

Temple Membership

For the woman setting her sacred foundation

You receive everything listed above!


Regular value $222

Your rate:



2 months FREE!

We can't wait to throw rose petals at your feet,

and welcome you into our sisterhood!


Our welcome gift to you!

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3 Free Masterclasses

You will immediately get access to 3 Divine Feminine masterclasses led by Shardai.

1) I Am the Temple

2) I Belong

3) Rose & Moon

Are you ready to walk the path of the Priestess again?

"The shifts that have taken place within my soul and human, have no real words. The lens I see the world out of has changed considerably...

The awareness of the patriarchal wounds I carry, and the deep ... knowing that I am able to embrace the human as I utilize my awakened and embodied tools to heal and clear these wounds."

amanda / Yin Yoga teacher & Shamanic Apprenctice

Waxing Moon

Devotional Rituals 

Feminine Christ Service

LIVE & recorded | 75 mins

Friday 12-1:15pm PST 

Rose Priestess Temple (Facebook Cover) (1).png



  • Explore a different aspect of the Rose Priestess archetype each moon, and remember your unique soul imprint as an every-day priestess.

  • Learn about our lineage of Goddesses & guides, and reclaim the herstory of our Magdalene-Christ lineage.

  • Partake in ritual sacrament, prayer, movement and meditation, to nourish the Feminine within you and feed her first in your life.

Full Moon

Sophia Sound & Light Codes Activation

Pre-recorded | 20+ mins




  • Receive a channeled activation of Divine Love from Sophia, reconnecting to your spiritual lineages.

  • Become vibrationally attuned to the Dove of the Feminine Christ, through crystalline singing chalices & enchanted vocals.

  • Practice opening up your oracle channel, and receive  messages directly from the Divine to guide you in your life.

pink rose.jpeg



Waning Moon

Sister heart council & sacred mirroring

LIVE | 75 mins

Friday 10am | 1pm | 4pm PST

  • Share from the heart & listen from the heart, so you can be lovingly witnessed in your process of soul-growth.

  • See the mirrors you need to see in one another, of your own strength, wisdom, and beauty.

  • Practice speaking your truth into our unconditionally-loving field, unencumbered by self-judgement or needing to do it 'right'.




Dark Moon

Shamanic drum journey or

yin practice

Pre-recorded | 20+ mins

  • Enter the womb cave of your inner priestess, and tend to your inner temple with her.

  • Reconnect to your blood lineage & mysteries through earth-based practices of deep embodied transformation.

  • Release what is ready to go, and reclaim what is ready to return.

Plus Receive..

Venus Cycle Astrology

Moonly insights on the transformative path of Venus


Guest Priestess Interviews

Inspirations from elder and expert Priestesses on:

  • Feminine christian theology

  • Avalon mysteries

  • Venus astrology

  • Anointing oils practice

  • Priestessing as vocation

  • and more!


Earth Cycle Holy Days

Ceremonial events to mark the seasons with Sophia Dragons


Temple Savings

Receive discounted 1:1 sessions and programs while a member:

  • 20% off 1:1 drop-in sessions 

  • 10% off mystery school programs

  • Special member-only discounts for online retreats

  • FREE pass to most paid public online events or masterclasses

With your Priestess Guide
Shardai Magdalena Rose Moon, RN-BSN
Certified Priestess Temple guide | Initiated Rose & Scent Priestess | Sanctioned PMT Shamanic Teacher | Psych RN | Best-selling Author | Advanced Shamanic Practitioner

 I am here for your highest transformation back to LOVE, sister!


All our LIVE temples are virtual on zoom

*Recording available for those unable to attend live

Pre-recorded journeys are sent out on the appropriate Fridays.


You register for the Heart council time that works best for you.

Our private group & all content is hosted on Mighty Networks.

Membership is charged once a month, starting on the day of sign-up. There will be 12 moons of content, and 1 moon of rest per year.

Some content or heart councils may be offered from special guest Priestesses- you will be in good hands!

You can cancel or change the level of your membership, starting the following month, at any time.

The Details...
Do you feel the calling in your bones?

"Shardai’s transmissions are gentle yet potent, powerful and healing... So many synchronicities have been showing up in my life since journeying with her as the magic transitions from the dream realm to reality."

Eleanor / Women's Facilitator & Healer

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