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July 22nd

7am-2pm HST | 10am-5pm PT | 1pm-8pm ET

Retreat LIVE & recorded on zoom

Includes Vault of pre-recorded offerings from renown Magdalene Priestesses

Register by midnight July 21st

with Shardai Magdalena Rose Moon

and special contributors


Diana Dubrow

Scent Priestess, Founder of the Emerald Temple

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Claire Sierra

Priestess & Author of the Magdalene Path

Robin Flynn

Curandera, Womb & Sacred Union Ceremonialist


Elayne Doughty

Founder of Priestess Presence & the Magdalene Rose Oracle deck

Claire Sierra.jpg


Amma Sophia Rose

Sound Priestess, Founder of Sonic Love Alchemy


Dr. Kelly Klein

Somatic intimacy & relationship coach


Lyndsay Lila

Co-founder of Dance Weavers, Kundalini Dance Mentor 

Beloved, your day has come to feast & be feasted!
Sensual Embodiment | Heart Devotion | Divine Ecstasy
Kiss of the Goddess


Guided Self-Anointing

Stories of the Priestess

Activate Your remembrance


Activate your inner Magdalene, through this pre-recorded journey of story-telling and guided practice of anointing with Holy Oils.

With our Beloved elder, Diana Dubrow, of The Emerald Temple




Session 1

Guided Journey

Holy Sacrament

Magdalene Gospel

Blood lineage reclamation

  • Through guided journey, meet your inner Magdalene, and reconnect to your lineage roots of the Feminine Christ.

  • Feast your body with the Holy Sacraments of 'bread and wine' blessed by the Goddess!

  • Receive wisdom readings from the Magdalene Gospel.

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Session 2


Magdalene Rosary


Blessing of Embodiment

  • In a Holy water ritual, practice self-forgiveness from the past, so you can be free from what burdens your heart.

  • Anoint your body with Holy oils, and come home to the One Heart that unites us all.

  • Pray the Magdalene Rosary as an act of Devotion and connection to your path of Love (with Claire Sierra).

Claire Sierra.jpg

with live guest

Claire Sierra

Session 3

Sounds of Praise

Magdalene Oracle

Divine Love

Activate Ascension Codes




  • Receive an activation of Divine Love from a guided re-connection of your crown to the Divine Sophia.

  • Become vibrationally attuned to the Dove of the Feminine Christ, through crystalline singing chalices & devotional praise (Amma Sophia Rose).

  • Receive Magdalene oracle messages directly from the Ascended Master, to guide you in your life.

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with live guest

Amma Sophia Rose

Magdalene Wisdom Vault

5 pre-recorded journeys to feast upon all month long!


Magdalene Mysteries

Recorded teaching around who the Magdalene is

~with Elayne Kalila Doughty


Sacred Sexuality

Reclaiming our sensuality & sensuality via the Magdalene

~ with Dr. Kelly Klein


Sacrament of the Beloved

Interview on Heiros Gamos, the Holy Womb & Divine Sacrament, ~with Robin Flynn


Kundalini Dance

Practice to transmute karmic energy in your sexual centers ~with Lyndsay Lila

Erin, smile, arms wide.jpg

Evolving Rage into Power

Free-form dance practice to evolve our rage into power

~with Erin Duffy-Burke


Rose Priestess Temple

2 week free pass to enter the Temple doors to our devotional membership


Virtual Sisterhood

Bond with other like-minded Magdalena's in our Mighty Networks retreat group

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Access All Recordings

Receive full & free access to all our event recordings (live & vault) for up to a month!


"I wanted to do it not only for me, but for my little girls…

to receive the divine mother’s guidance in such a potent energetic container- it will change you. And it will change everyone around you too."

Rani / Women's Circle Leader & Shamanic Apprenctice

Sacred Exchange

Let us feast you!

everything listed above is valued at over $2,000

You can join us for a sensuous feast of magdalene medicine & sisterhood

for just $222!

Register by July 21st at Midnight!


Gain instant access to our pre-journey vault 

& our retreat sisterhood

Don't Miss This!

When you register...


Bonus Integration Call

You are invited to opt-in to an integration council call with Shardai, to decompress after our journey together, and deepen with the sisters from our retreat.

Tuesday, July 25th 

10am HST | 1pm PT | 4pm ET  (75 mins)

Integration is key to transformation!

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"Shardai does an incredible job at leading you along a journey that is both deeply spiritual and ethereal and so real and practical at the same time.

This has been a turning point for sure!"

Link / Rose Temple sister & Isis Initiation Grad

Your inner Magdalene holds the keys to your...
Power | Love | Wisdom
This is for you if you desire to...

  • Live a ceremonial life, where you are vibrantly alive & deeply connected to your purpose

  • Reclaim your place and voice in spirituality, as a woman of honor and worth

  • Heal patriarchal wounds from your judeo-christian, or spiritual upbringing

  • Reclaim the essential teachings from the religion you grew up in, while finding your own sovereign path of devotion

  • Create more abundance and confidence in your priestess leadership

  • More easily open up to direct oracle guidance from your higher self & the Ascended Magdalene

  • Reclaim the way of the Feminine by embracing embodied ceremony and ritual practice within an ancient lineage

  • Find belonging within a loving sisterhood that 'gets' you for being 'different'

IMG_9451 2.JPG

"The temple is where I feel my purest; most divine self. It’s why I am here. It illuminates my soul essence....Thank you for reminding me. "

Candice / Rose Temple sister & Isis Initiation Grad

Do you feel the call to re-devote yourself to Love?
You will find that you...
  • Build a relationship with your inner Magdalene, even if you have never 'met' her before

  • Re-Activate your power, confidence, and devotion, through sisterhood, celebration and joy.

  • Receive powerful guidance for wherever you are feeling stuck in life, from your Feminine blood & spirit lineages.

  • Re-devote yourself to your sacred path, and find clarity on your next steps in life.

  • Walk away feeling full-filled, feasted, honored, and elevated on your soul's journey.


"The shifts that have taken place within my soul and human, have no real words. The lens I see the world out of has changed considerably, in full trust and awareness of my ability to co-create this reality with my soul team.

amanda / Yin Yoga teacher & Shamanic Apprenctice

Welcome home to the Rose Sisterhood!
Together we will...

  • Partake in a Feast of Sacrament, where we will remember we are the living body & chalice of the Magdalene-Christ.

  • Journey to reconnect with our blood-lines of priestesses and medicine women.

  • Practice Prayer and Anointing, as potent ways to deepen into the wisdom of our hearts.

IMG_9097 2.JPG

  • Unburden ourselves through Self-Forgiveness of our internalized shame of being spiritual women.

  • Sound Praise & Adoration of Divine Sophia, to connect directly to our own oracle channels of light.

  • Journey to connect to our light-lineages of ascended masters, including Magdalene & Yeshua.


"I feel more at peace with where I'm at in life and the not knowing of it all, while trusting that my alignment will help me find the next step when I need it"

Jennifer L. / Meditation Teacher

With your Priestess Guide
Shardai Magdalena Rose Moon, RN-BSN
Certified Priestess Temple guide | Initiated Rose & Scent Priestess | Sanctioned PMT Shamanic Teacher | Psych RN | Best-selling Author | Advanced Shamanic Practitioner

 I am here to guide your highest transformation back to LOVE, sister!


All live sessions are virtual on zoom 

Recordings available within 48hrs of event.

Daylong content delivered in three, 90min- 2 hour segments. 

There will be two, 45-60 min breaks.

Wisdom Vault content dripped out to you as our event nears.

Our retreat sisterhood & all recorded content is hosted on a private Mighty Networks platform.

Purchase is non-refundable, and non-transferable.

The Details...

"Shardai’s transmissions are gentle yet potent, powerful and healing... So many synchronicities have been showing up in my life since journeying with her as the magic transitions from the dream realm to reality."

Ellie C. / Women's Facilitator & Astrologer

Do you feel the remembrance stirring in your blood?
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