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I'm your guide, Shardai Magdalena Moon.

I invite you to move through the veils, and journey with us!

Rose Priestess 

Virtual Temple


Connection Portal


Behind Red Curtains



Way of Love
Divine Feminine Mystery
Venus in Orbit with Earth
Magdalene-Christ Lineage

Seer & Oracle
Spiritual & Visionary Leader
Cultural M
idwife & Death Doula
She who walks between the worlds

Our Temple offers you deepening pathways to reawaken & lead from your inner Priestess...

"The temple is where I feel my purest; most divine self. It’s why I am here. It illuminates my soul essence....Thank you for reminding me. "

Candice / Rose Temple sister & Isis Initiation Grad

Do you envision...
A life of soul-fulfilling passion & freedom?
A world free of sufferin
A path of sacred & soft 

Release your patriarchal wounds...

Detox from the patriarchy | Empower your Feminine Self | Reclaim your Heavenly gifts

"This Isis journey with Shardai was life changing... radical at times, and gentle at times...It is a place to be witnessed, supported, and empowered within a loving sisterhood."

Joy / Isis Initiation Grad

Are you looking for..
Love in all of its forms
Freedom from inner/outer oppression

Self love & forgiveness


Know Thyself...

Remembrance​ | Transmission | Intuition

"There are no words to describe the spiritual journey she took me on.
I am just in awe of her and her practice."

Chanta S. / Shamanic Healing Client

Do you remember...
Your ancient vow
to live in service
to love?

Reclaim your inner Magdalene

Anoint | Awaken | Arrive

"WOW! What a beautiful, humbling experience


Priscilla R. / Shamanic Healing Client

Are you longing for..
The Magic & Mystery of the Feminine
A sense of Divinely-led purpose
A seat at the table of spirituality again

"Absolutely amazing. She can absolutely transform your life if you're open to it."

Robin / Shamanic Apprentice

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